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The Perfect List For the Perfect Trip | Camping Essentials

Camping Essentials -- man, could I have used a list like this before I took off on my very first camping trip EVER with my boyfriend and his family.

Now, we didn't have a camping trailer or anything fancy, but we did have an enclosed trailer we installed vents on that we would be staying in. We did a lot in preparation to get the trailer ready for our week long trip. In preparation we packed a queen size mattress, installed a heater, lights, light switch, and outlets to try and make the trailer a bit more comfortable.

To start things off, I'll show you our list we made to make our trip the best it could be and then I'll explain things we wish we had or wish we left and provide other sources for you.


Our List

We divided our packing list into categories and then got more detailed within each category. Those categories consisted of Toiletries -- toothpaste, shampoo, etc; Technology -- phone chargers, computers (if you want them); Clothing -- shorts, boots, socks; Essentials -- helmets, gloves, shovels, gas; Food & Beverage -- water bottles, granola bars, etc.


Shampoo Tooth Brush Toilet Paper

Conditioner Tooth Paste Hair-ties

Lotion Deodorant Dry Shampoo

Face Wipes Hair Brush Dawn Soap



Phone Charger - Wall

Phone Charger - Car


T-Shirts Socks Tank Tops

Long Sleeves Undergarments Hats

Jeans Hiking Shoes Sunglasses

Yoga Pants/Leggings Jackets/Hoodies FlipFlops

Boots Bathing Suits

Sleeping Clothes Shorts


Sheets Sunscreen Picnic Rug

Blankets Insect Repellent Sleeping Bag(s)

Pillows Hand Sanitizers Trash bags

Towels Baby Wipes Waste water (for showering and other)

Lighters Helmet Ice

Small shovel Coolers Hiking Bag(s)

Gas Propane Bottles Plastic Utensils

Aluminum Foil Paper Towels Break Cleaner

Paper Plates First Aid Kit Fire Extinguisher

Food & Beverage

Water Bottles Strawberry's Mayo

Muddy Buddys Bananas Cajan Sausage

Salt n Vinegar Chips Sandwich bread Granola Bars

Chocolate Sandwich meat Marshmallows

Hershey Choco Graham Crackers Lemons

Dr. Pepper Cheese Nuts

Baby Carrots Apples Onions

Tortillas Oranges Hot Dogs

Brauts 3 lb. Potatoes Hot dog Buns

We do wish we would have brought some other things and discovered we did bring some things that we didn't necessarily need. Now, our list isn't for everyone but it's a little something for you to base yours off of--a source you can use for ideas.


There are plenty of websites and articles you can reference to get more ideas from, such as REI, not only do they provide a list for you but they have the option to personalize it according to you and your personal needs. Skilled Survival is also a good source and like REI, they sell camping products such as survival gear and survival food.

Love the Outdoors, however, is probably my favorite source because it breaks the list down into categories including clothing, shelter, bedding, cooking, personal, basic first aid kit, & miscellaneous.


Luckily we didn't have to worry TOO much about food because we were camping with my boyfriends family and they did most of the cooking. However, if you do not have that luxury then you will most definitely need a pretty extensive food packing list and, depending on your organizational system, you may want to make a car packing list. Your car packing list would consist of everything you'll want with you in the car that is easily accessible, including chargers, snacks, drinks, maps, phone, computer, music, etc. Your food list would be so much easier to make once you make a meal plan and decide what you'll be eating for each meal, you'll want to include snacks as well.

I hope these lists have helped you on your way to the perfect camping trip! Please let us know if we missed anything or if there are any hacks you've discovered that make your camping trip the best it could be. Comment, Like, Share us, and let us know what you think!

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