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Small Towns, Big Finds | Spend Your Bucks Locally at These Local Hot Spots

I know it's been a long used mantra, but it goes repeating. Spend locally.

Local businesses are usually family run and members of the community, not only do they pay employees, other members of the community, but they also spend money at other local businesses. That means when you buy local, you help create jobs for your friends, neighbors, and even family, contribute to improved public infrastructure, and invest in your community both socially and economically.

We love to support our local businesses! So much so that we created a list of just a few of our favorite hot spots, and some well kept secret spots, to share with all of you.

You can always visit Ogallala Chamber of Commerce to check out some of Ogallala's local businesses.


Lewellen, NE

Lewellen is a "village" in Garden County, Nebraska with a population of 224.. talk about a small town!


I love visiting small towns and learning the history behind them. So here's some quick history about Lewellen, according to Wikipedia.

In 1855, General Harney and his troops made a surprise attack against the Little Thunder band of Brûlée Sioux at their camp on Blue Creek, in what is known as the Battle of the Blue Water on September 3rd, 1855. The Brûlée are one of the seven branches or bands (sometimes called "sub-tribes") of the Teton (Titonwan) Lakota American Indian people. The name may have derived from an incident where they were fleeing through a gras fire on the plains. Battle of Ash Hollow is attributed to a fight between the Pawnee and Sioux in around 1819. Lewellen is about 9 miles from Omaha Beach Court.


The Most Unlikely Place -- Sip an espresso, fruit smoothie, or mocha, while perusing the art featuring three resident sibling artists, enjoying the bistro which serves lunches from an ever-changing menu in Lewellen's aptly named 'The Most Unlikely Place'.

Otter Creek Lodge -- Vacation Home Rental, Restaurant, and boat ramp all available at this great location.

Marina Landing -- Multi-Cuisine Cafe with great food and homemade touches. Fun, Sun, Beer on ice... Paradise!

The Blind Goose -- Bar & Restaurant located in Lewellen serving everything from ribeye to chicken fried steak, freed chicken, bourbon street chicken and much much more. Including appetizers such as Rocky Mountain oysters and pub pickles with spicy dipping sauce. YUM!


Ash Hollow State Historical Park -- Located near Lewellen, NE in Garden County. The park comprises of two attractions located 2.5 miles from each other: Ash Hollow Cave and Windlass Hill.

Ash Hollow Cave

Ash Hollow Cave has been a popular camping destination for several thousand years. One of the latest groups identified was the Dismal River People, ancestors of the Plains Apache. How amazing is that! After the Dismal River People left the area, white settlers began exploring the area and Archaeologists have studied the cave and identified several groups of people who used the cave over thousands of years. Over the entrance of Ash hollow Cave, an interpretive center has been built to protect it while allowing visitors to experience its unique features. This building is open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. from May 1st through October 1st. So if you're planning a visit be sure to check the opening hours and dates at!

Ash Hollow State National Park

From sweet spring water Ash Hollow State Historical Park was made near Lewellen as a major stopover on the Overland Trail and prompted prehistoric Indians to use it. West-bound wagons etched ruts on the bluffs that are still visible today. The area's beauty and sweeping vistas continue to make this area a popular destination for vacationers and travelers, myself included! The visitor center is full of information pertaining to the history, archaeology and paleontology of the area. For more information about local events in the Ash Hollow State Historical Park visit this link!

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