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Drink Festive With These 21 Delicious 4th of July Drinks


**Let loose this 4th of July with these 21 festive drinks**

  • 1. Blue Crush Margaritas. After a few of these bright blue tropical drinks, you're gonna be crushing it! Try one or both of these recipes and tell us which you prefer.

  • 2. Mermaid Lemonade. The combo of lemonade, blue curacao, and vodka--even Ariel approves.

  • 4. The Firecracker. You might think it's odd to add cucumber in a cocktail, but if you think about it, cucumber offers little in the taste department but it has such a cooling connotation--it really adds to the 'refreshing' factor.

  • 5. Pina Colada. For my pineapple fanatics out there, this recipe is perfect for you! Or try this Red, White, & Blue Pina Colada to add to the festivity.

  • 10. All - American Daiquiri. This thick and creamy cocktail, which gets it bright red color from strawberry daiquiri mix, is best served in a mason jar ;).

  • 12. Blueberry Coconut Sparkler. This drink mixes blueberries and coconut for a tangy treat that will transport you straight to a tropical island, or Lake McConaughy. ;)

  • 13. Firecracker Punch. This explosive punch gets it's kick from ginger ale and Red Hots.

  • 14. Hurricane. We might need to be on a beach for this one.... don't worry, I know a place!

  • 18. Patriotic Panna Cotta Shooters. These delicious dessert shooters layer red syrup, coconut panna cotta, and blue curacao. But the real star (literally!) is the edible confetti sprinkled on top.

  • 19. White Wine-Berry Sangria. Thanks to blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries, white wine sangria gets a patriotic makeover.

  • 20. Rose Sangria. Pears, peaches, and raspberries are soaked in rose wine for the prettiest cocktail we ever did see.

** I'll meet ya on the beach if you'll bring the drinks! ;) **


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