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6 of Our Favorite Cleaning Supplies For Our Vacation Home Rentals

I know it's so easy to find a "hack" or "trick" for just about anything anymore. And I don't know if you want to call these tricks or hacks to cleaning, but this is what we like to use for our rental homes. This article will be one of our shortest yet as we'll get straight to the point, list our products and how we use them.

  • Swifter Dusters So easy to use, easy to hide away in the closet and doesn't take up much space. Great for ceiling fans, shelves, light fixtures, etc.

  • Shark Cordless Vacuum Mop This is a life saver for us! It's so convenient and easy on hardwood floors. Rather than having to sweep/vacuum and then mop floors, we're able to do it all on in one. It has been such a time saver!

  • Fabuloso, Clorox, PineSol, Etc. We like to buy cleaning products such as these, dilute with water and pour into spray bottles. Dilution is definitely recommended for Clorox and PineSol products, we find it still gets a VERY good clean on surfaces and floors without having the strong Clorox smell.

  • Spray Bottles Walmart, Amazon and really most stores sell empty spray bottles. We like glass ones!

  • Organization We love using baskets under the sinks and in the closets to declutter and organize our products. It helps us keep everything organized.... and it looks good.

  • Pledge Pledge or other similar sprays work perfect for coffee tables, side tables, etc.

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