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6 Items You Need to Pack When Staying in a Vacation Home Rental

Some of our top questions from guests are, "what do we need to bring?". I love this question! I love to see guests excited to stay in our homes and love answering their questions. Earlier this month we discussed what vacation home owners need to supply guests, this list is for the guests so you come prepared every time.

The best way to know what to bring when staying at a vacation home rental, is to ask the host. Don't be afraid to "bother" them. Trust me, it's no bother. We'd rather answer your questions so you're fully prepared, than for you to be disappointed or under prepared.

Every host supplies their homes differently.

When I stay at an Airbnb, these are the items I plan on bringing. Of course I always ask the host first to see what's supplied.

  • Seasonings Most Vacation Home Rentals only supply salt and pepper, some don't even do that. So if you're planning on making something in particular that requires additional seasonings, bring what you know you'll need.

  • Flour + Sugar Same thing. If you plan on doing any baking or cooking that requires flour and sugar, bring it.

  • Shampoo + Conditioner Most hosts don't provide anything, or if they do it's the generic kind and if your hair is anything like mine, you need your specific shampoo or it's a bad hair day.

  • Body Wash Same thing, if you have one you like. Bring it.

  • Any additional supplies Some hosts don't provide everything. So ask them.

  • Toiletries Toiletries such as q-tips, tooth paste + tooth brushes, etc.

Other than personal items and the listed cooking items above, you should be good to go!

But remember, contact your host.

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