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20 Beach Hacks For Your Next Beach Experience

If you're planning on taking a trip to the beach this summer, make sure you're prepared for sand, sea, and sun with these 20 beach hacks.

1. Sprinkle Baby Powder On Your Skin To Help Get Rid Of Dirt

Sprinkle a small amount of baby powder on your skin to help get rid of dirt and grime while at the beach.

2. DIY Beach Towel Blanket With A Pillow

If you'd rather lounge on the beach than be swimming in the water, then you will absolutely love this beach towel with a pillow, and it doesn't require too much sewing skill to put together making for a perfect beginners project!

3. Fitted Sheet Hack

Fitted Sheet Hack

Sand-free lounging and picnic space made easy with a fitted sheet and a few weighted items to anchor the corner. Your anchors can be anything--a cooler and beach bags work perfectly.

4. Instant Water & Sand Proof Phone Case

As someone who is active in the water, whether I'm lounging on the beach or taking the Jet-ski's for a cruise, I stuff my phone in a few Ziploc baggies to protect it from the sand and water. Especially when riding the Jet-ski's, because you never know when you're gonna need a little assistance.

5. Sunscreen Bottle Valuable Holder

Don't want to leave your valuables on the beach and unprotected? Well, using an empty bottle of sunscreen is an inexpensive hack for hiding those valuables. Simply, cut a small opening at the top of the bottle to fit your keys, phone, money/cards, etc.

6. DIY Beach Vacation Emergency Kit

From Advil to sunscreen, cortisone cream to tweezers, band-aids to baby powder you can personalize your kit for what works best for you and your family.

7. Make Edible Ice Packs


Make edible ice packs with frozen grapes and juice boxes and water bottles.

8. Freeze Water Balloons

Freeze water balloons so when they thaw the kiddos can have a water balloon fight.

9. Sunburn Treatment

Freeze aloe vera gel in an ice tray before leaving for the beach so when you return you have a soothing treatment for that nasty sunburn.

10. Mesh Beach Bag

If you have kids and enjoy the beach but would like it if the sand stayed at the beach, then this nifty hack is for you! Put their toys in a mesh bag so the sand will just flow right through and you won't be bringing it home with you.

11. Kids Beach Pool

I love this idea! It is so nice to be able to let them play and still have fun without having all the worry of them playing in the lake itself.

12. Homemade Sunscreen

Homemade Sunscreen

If you're like me and have sensitive skin or are worried about the chemicals in your sunscreen, then make your own! The recipe is a lot easier than you would think, and I feel so much better knowing what's actually going on my skin.

13. Beach Games

This is an easy way to entertain your little ones while you relax.

14. Lie On A Yoga Mat Instead Of A Beach Towel

Thank goodness for water proof yoga mats so we aren't laying on wet towels!