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National Popcorn Day!

Okay, okay. I agree with you. We may be getting a bit carried away with all these "holidays", like National Hangover Day (Jan. 1st), National Nothing Day (Jan. 16th), and Grab Some Nuts Day (Aug. 3rd). However, a day specifically for popcorn!? It's not like I needed an excuse to lounge around the house in my P.J.'s watching The Notebook and munching on some popcorn, but what better excuse than it being a National Holiday?? Well, to celebrate, I put together a few of my favorite popcorn recipes.


  • Pizza Popcorn - This popcorn comes together quickly, and yes there is some baking time. It's quick, though. Plus, who doesn't love pizza AND popcorn, it just makes sense to combine them.

  • Oreo Cookie Popcorn - Oreo Cookies are THE most popular store-bought cookie in America. Which isn't surprising since Oreo Cookies are a very yummy guilty pleasure! 

  • Chili Lime Popcorn - This easy twist on popcorn is all about big, bold flavors. And trust us, it does not disappoint.

  • Chocolate Popcorn - Popcorn AND chocolate. Need I say more?

  • Unicorn Popcorn - This is one my nieces favorites. I mean who doesn't love magic and mystical to go with your sweet and salty popcorn??

  • Peanut Butter Popcorn - Peanut Butter lovers, this ones for you!

  • Chocolate Mint Popcorn - Your family will love this yummy Chocolate Mint Popcorn--sweet and salty popcorn covered in minty marshmallow and tossed with chocolate chunks. Sooooo yummy! Chocolate Mint is a very delicious flavor combination and doesn't have to just be for ice cream. It is both fun and delicious, what a great combination!

  • Easy Homemade Caramel Corn - This popcorn tastes amazing … buttery and caramel-y just the way it should.  And no corn syrup required!  And it could not be easier to make.

  • Chewbacca Caramel Corn - For all my Star Wars lovers, here's a tasty snack for your friends to enjoy while they pretend to like the movies. Also check out the Star Wars BB-8 Popcorn!


Happy National Popcorn Day!

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