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Chili Recipe To Keep You Warm This Winter


You can make this spicier by adding diced jalapenos as well.


2 lb. Ground Beef

x2 28 oz. Diced Tomatoes in Juice

16 oz. Kidney Beans, Drained

15 oz. Pinto Beans, Drained

2 sml Onion, Diced

¼ c. Celery, Diced (2-3 stalks)

¼ c. bell Pepper, Diced

3 T. Chili Powder

2 t. Cumin

1 t. Black Pepper

1 t. Salt

½ t. Oregano

1 t. Sugar

2 t. Garlic Powder

2 c. Water


Brown Ground Beef & Drain.

Add water, boil and drain to eliminate more fat.

Place in large pot and add all ingredients

Bring to a boil, reduce heat, cover and simmer for 2-3 hours stirring every 15 min.

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