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I love visiting small towns....So here's some quick history about Lewellen.


Boot Hill

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Front Street Crystal Palace Revue

The Front Street Crystal Palace Revue began in 1964, and is the longest running summer stock theatre production in Nebraska.

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Garden County

Garden County  boasts unbeatable history, outdoor activities, food & culture. 


Ash Hollow

Ash Hollow Cave shows evidence of use of the area by prehistoric man as many as 6,000 years ago. 


Little Church Keystone

Eleven teenage girls helped raise the money to construct the church...



We hope you’ll take some time to explore....


Keith County

Keith County has always been a...gateway to the American West, it has been traversed by pioneers, Indians, military, trappers, cowboys, and ranchers alike. 


Mansion on the Hill

An authentic Victorian style home, the Mansion on the Hill was Ogallala’s finest residence when it was completed in 1887. 


Spruce Street Station

Built in 1922, the Spruce Street Station in Ogallala is considered one of the best preserved of fewer than 20 former Standard Oil stations still standing. 


Tri-Trails Park

Tri-Trails Park is located at the geographic crossing of three major historic trails that passed through Keith County, Nebraska during the 1800s: the Oregon Trail, Pony Express Trail and the Great Western Cattle Trail (a.k.a. the Texas Trail).



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Ole's in Paxton

Ole’s Big Game Steakhouse and Lounge in Paxton houses the collection of over 200 trophy mounts collected by Keith County native  Rosser  “Ole” Herstedt.  

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Kingsley Dam

As part of the original “Kingsleyville,” Kingsley Dam Resort maintains the history of Kingsley Dam which helped create Lake McConaughy. The town housed the workers who built the infamous Kingsley Dam (which was the second largest dam in the world at the time of construction). 


Wildlife | Nature to seasonal and specialty hunting and fishing, and provide a way to see the heart of our “wild and pristine” landscape.  The sites are also popular with hikers, mushroom hunters, and bird watchers.


Petrified Wood Gallery

The collection contains ancient woods, gemstones, fossils, and Native American arrowheads and artifacts. 


Ogallala History

“Geography is often destiny.  It has always been so with Ogallala, a town that came into existence at the junction of the major routes of the transcontinental migrations and of the cattle trails north from Texas.”


Art | Fun

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